The theory of continental glaciation

Gerelateerde afbeelding

The theory of continental glaciation seems less prone to grand revision. The sun itself seems as likely to be banished from the center of the solar system as the ice from the Pleistocene continents. The ice made Lake Seneca, Lake Cayuga-all the so-called Finger Lakes, of western New Yorkcutting them into stream valleys in exactly the manner in which it cut the fjords of Patagonia, the fjords of Norway, Alaska, and Maine.
After the ice quarried the huge quantities of kantoor huren per uur amsterdam Canadian rock that it dumped in the United States, it melted back and filled the quarries with new Canadian lakes-hundreds of thousands of Canadian lakes. A sixth of all the fresh water on earth is in Canadian ponds, Canadian streams, Canadian rivers, Canadian lakes. In Greenland, Antarctica, and elsewhere, a much greater quantity of fresh water-four times as much-is still imprisoned as ice, leaving precious little fresh water for the rest of tl1e world. Our Epoque Glaciaire has by now been illuminated by a century and a half of expanded research. Glacial outwash has been identified at the mouth of tlrn Mississippi, six hundred miles from the terminal moraine-a suggestion of the power and the volume of the rivers that melted from the ice. Where the land tilted north and the meltwaters pooled against the glacial front-and where waters were trapped between moraines and retreating ice-gargantuan lakes formed, such as Glacial Lake Maumee, the one of which Lake Erie is all that remains. Lake Michigan is all kantoor huren per uur rotterdam that remains of Glacial Lake Chicago. Lake Ontario is all that remains of Glacial Lake Iroquois. Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, the Lake of the Woods are among the remains of a glacial lake whose bed and terraces, stream deltas and wave-cut shores reach seven hundred miles across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, and down into the United States as far as Milbank, South Dakota. With the exception of the Caspian Sea, this one was larger than any lake of the modem world. It was the supreme lake of the American Pleistocene-Glacial Lake Agassiz.