The gangplank

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We moved off the gangplank and into a highway throughcut of pink granite. Love said, “Now we are on the mountain, on the Precambrian core. You have to watch closely. This fantastic geology is subtle. I-80 was not built to show it off but to take advantage of its beneficences.” There were more pink granite cuts and also some dark, shattered amphibolite that had been the country rock into which the granite intruded i.4 billion years ago. The interstate had sliced through a section where the bright-pink granite. and the charcoal-gray amphibolite met. It was as if a wall painter had changed colors there. The dark rock was full of fracture planesĀ zakelijke energie and cleavage planes. “That rock probably had been messed around for a long time before the granite came,” Love said. “It could be two, three billion years old. We don’t know.” As our altitude increased, the granite roadcuts became deeper and higher and seemingly more rutilant. The rock was competent. There were no benches, and the cuts were as much as fifty metres high. Resembling marbled steak, they were shot through with veins of quartz, where, long after the granite formed, it cracked and quartz filled it in. The walls were indented with vertical parallel grooves, like giant wormtrails in some exotic sediment. These were actually fossil shot holes and unloaded guide holes from the process of presplitting. The highway builders drilled the holes and then dynamited one of three. In this manner, they-and we-reached eight thousand six hundred and forty feet, the highest point on Interstate 80 between the Atlantic and the Pacific. What appeared to be the head of a chicken sat at the top of a big granite block, as if it had been zakelijke energie vergelijken chopped off there. Only when we drew close did I glance up and see that it was Abraham Lincoln. It was, in fact, an artful likeness, resting on an outsized plinth. Years ago, this had been the summit of the Lincoln Highway, which was now incorporated in its substance, if not in its novel spirit, into the innards of the interstate.